a. digital image from Elytes (2014), b. "Wet Ceiling USMX" image from essay. c. Travel Partner, Life Long Friend custom luggage tags on hook, 2013, d. Negotiating R Resources, table, plastic globes, salt, sugar, glass, paper, aluminum cardholder 2013, e.Water in the Desert digital image, 2014 f. Fringe Merger installation view, 2013, g. Writing My Name In Every Language, paper, foamcore, 2013, h. Salvaged Things, digital print on cotton, molcajete, amber stone ring, wood, acrylic vitrine, 2013. 1. Under The Tuscan Sun 1, leather, silkscreen on panel, 2012. j. .select("map"), installation view, 2012. k. select("map") detal, 2012